Machining Services

Cosworth Multi-Resources and Machinery Corp. offers a wide selection of material working processes such as facing, milling, drilling, horizontal line boring, vertical machining, shaping, tooth cutting, honing, in-situ machining, CNC machining and surface grinding. Our goal is excellent machinery, tailoring the material exactly to our customer's specifications.

Welding & Fabrication Services

Steel fabrication is also considered to be one of the strengths of Cosworth Multi-Resources and Machinery Corporation. We build and assemble components from raw materials that we have been designed, cut, burned, shaped, machined, and welded to form the desired final product according to our customer's specifications. Heat exchangers, boiler manifolds, mixing tanks, winches, lube oil coolers, impeller, blowers, and multi-stage pumps are some examples of the products that we have fabricated.

Other Services

Cosworth Multi-Resources and Machinery Corporation is also highly capable of many other services namely repairing and reconditioning of pumps; as well as diesel engine parts such as valve cages, valve spindles, valve seats, piston crowns, cylinder heads, cylinder covers, a cylinder liners for marine ad power plants. We also perform thermal spraying, rebabbitting, motor rewinding and casting.