By 2020, Cosworth Multi-Resources and Machinery Corporation (CMRMC) will be a leading machinery, welding, fabrication, and dynamic balancing service provider of choice, of individuals and business entities nationwide. 
CMRMC will also be an effective instrument in inspiring individuals and business entities in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Building and transforming, in ways that will glorify God.

Quality Policy
We are Cosworth Multi-Resources and Machinery Corporation, provider of machinery, welding, fabrication, and dynamic balancing services.

We are committed to satisfy the expectations of our customers and stakeholders as well as sustain natural growth of our business through deployment of competent and dedicated personnel, reliable suppliers and subcontractors, and provision of quality, on time and cost effective services that are driven by continuous improvement programs.


We also commit to follow legal, regulatory and other requirements of the land.


But above all things, we commit to implement the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in conducting our business.


Machine Shop Services

Steel Fabrication

Specialized Welding (TIG, MIG, SMAW)

Dynamic Balancing

Castings (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminum)

•  Turning / Facing  (up to 86" dia)

•  Milling

•  Drilling

•  Horizontal Line Boring

•  Shaping

•  Surface Grinding (36" x 100")

•  Tooth Cutting

•  In-Situ Machining

•  Honing

•  CNC Machining

•  Expansion Joints

•  Exhaust / Intake Manifolds

•  Purse Winches

•  Heat Exchangers

•  Stainless Steel Machines

•  Fans and Blowers

•  Pipings and Ductings

•  Thermal Spray TD2000  (Metallizing)

•  Stellite Overlaying

•  Aluminum Welding

•  Cast Iron Welding

•  Hard Facing

•  Babitting

•  Armature Rotors

•  Blowers

•  Impellers

•  Pump Rotors

•  Pulleys

•  Rubber / Metal Rollers

•  Turbine Runner

•  On-Site Balancing   Services

•  Impellers

•  Pump Casings

•  Valve Cages

•  Turbo Charger Parts

•  Gears, Pulleys, Crane Wheels

•  Bearing Housing